Wild Orchard Green Tea comes from a 1,000 acre tea plantation on Jeju Island, South Korea, where the soil is rich in minerals from the native volcanic rocks. Copious rainfall keeps the green tea trees naturally well-watered while the permeable volcanic soil allows for proper drainage. Constant circulating winds keep pests at bay, and the farm’s inland location allows for a mild sea breeze that provides a beneficial salinity, all creating the optimum environment for our green tea plants to thrive.
Wild Orchard's green tea trees were born of seeds from our organic sister farm in Mongjung Mountain, first planted on our own Jeju Island estate in 1999.  Because our green tea trees were grown from the seed up, not transplanted, they developed deeper roots that allow for superior nutrient absorption from the soil.  They were raised wild among weeds for the first two decades in order to acclimate them to a totally natural environment, ultimately producing a more hearty and resilient green tea, and continue to thrive among the various surrounding wildlife today.

Our green tea farm is maintained 100% organically without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

In 2007, we earned both the USDA Organic Certification and the Canadian CanTEST certification after being tested for 268 chemicals. Our regeneratively farmed green teas undergo a unique and thorough 4x washing process upon harvest in order to remove all dirt and ultrafine particulates—a growing problem throughout Asia impacting the quality of teas. Wild Orchard Green Tea proudly presents the cleanest organic green teas available.