Wild Since 1999


Just How Wild is Wild?

When a USDA organic certifier first visited our Jeju Island green tea farm back in 2007, he was absolutely floored. He said he had never seen such a wild and naturally kept place in his organic certification work. Up close, one could hardly tell these were “farmed” green tea trees. They were, and still are, lush and hardy, often adorned with spiders and other beautiful insects, thriving alongside many weeds and plants native to the island—a clear indication that our green tea has been raised with absolutely NO pesticides, chemicals or manmade inputs.

Instead, it is...

Single Source

All of our green tea is from our one and only wild Jeju Island farm, never anywhere else, so there are no traceability questions.  Period.

THE ORIGIN: Then & Now

Jeju Island
Wild Orchard Green Tea comes from a 1,000 acre tea plantation on Jeju Island, South Korea, where the soil is rich in minerals from the native volcanic rocks. Copious rainfall keeps the green tea trees naturally well-watered while the permeable volcanic soil allows for proper drainage. Constantly circulating ocean winds naturally keep pests at bay so that they don't overtake the green tea trees, and the farm’s inland location allows for a mild sea mist that provides a beneficial salinity, all creating the optimum environment for our green tea plants to thrive.

Born on the Farm
All of Wild Orchard’s green tea trees were grown from seeds brought from its organic sister farm in the mainland.  The seeds were planted directly into the island soil, as opposed to transplanting already-formed green tea trees, which is a common practice. This caused them to develop much deeper roots, allowing for superior nutrient absorption and resulting in stronger, healthier plants, and, ultimately, a healthier tea.


For years, since the green tea trees were very young, we allowed the farm’s own organically raised geese to graze throughout the fields because they would eat only the sprouting weeds, leaving the green tea untouched. Coincidentally, their droppings also helped fertilize the soil naturally and organically.

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Our Mission

By now it’s no secret green tea is a powerhouse of antioxidants and other incredible properties. It not only fights a slew of diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes, it even improves mental health. Yet, while the green tea industry is booming, it’s hard to know which one to choose. Even “healthy” products like teas and natural foods can contain contaminants and very low bioavailability of nutrients depending on their origin and how they were grown or processed. That is why we felt it was time to introduce Wild Orchard Green Tea. For two decades, we kept our green tea farm wild and free of chemicals and manmade inputs in order to develop the healthiest and cleanest green tea possible. During that time, no significant profit was made from it, and we merely worked to keep it protected and pure. Since then we have continued to grow our teas naturally and biodynamically, and now, we are finally ready to share this hidden gem with the rest of the world in order to help people achieve better health and gain a better understanding of how we must protect nature because it is ultimately what protects us.