The tea plants on our Jeju Island partner farm are lush and hardy, often adorned with spiders and beautiful insects thriving alongside the rich wildlife native to the island—a clear indication that the teas have been grown with absolutely no compromising practices.

Instead, they are...

Single Source

Wild Orchard has exclusively partnered with a single regenerative organic farm on Jeju Island for all our teas, so there are absolutely no traceability questions.  Period.

The Origin

Jeju Island

Every sip of Wild Orchard tea reveals the deep flavor of our single-variety tea plant, Camellia sinensis var. sinensis, which is grown on a truly unique farm. Located on the volcanic island of Jeju, South Korea, the farm is lush with tea trees thriving amidst the native wildlife, untouched by chemicals or compromising practices. The tea trees are watered purely by rainfall and flavored by the mist that rises from the surrounding ocean. 

Born on the Farm

Over two decades ago, the first tea trees were all grown from seeds—not from cuttings—planted directly in the farm's volcanic soil, which caused them to develop extremely deep roots. This allowed for superior nutrient absorption, and caused the trees to grow exceptionally healthy. Furthermore, the trees were left largely untouched, not pruned or commercially harvested, until recent years. During that time, they grew wild and thus became much larger and more robust than those grown on most traditional tea farms. The final result is a tea that tastes incredibly soft yet deep and complex. Today, this exquisite tea is the foundation of all our meticulously curated products. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce the most delicious and pure green tea which is beneficial for both our health and the health of the natural world.