1. Can I combine discount coupons?

Discount codes or coupons cannot be combined.

2. Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes, our tea pouches are recyclable. However, we are aiming to transition to even more eco-friendly packaging in the near future.

3. Is there a Wild Orchard Green Tea store?

Currently we remain an online retailer.  However, we are working to make our teas available in more online channels as well as physical stores.  For updates, please join our mailing list. 


1. What’s the difference between green tea and other teas? 

While our green tea, oolong, black tea, etc. are all distinguished by their unique flavors achieved through varying degrees of oxidation, they all come from the same plant species called Camellia sinensis.  

2. Are all your teas from the same farm?

All of our teas come from Camellia sinensis plants grown on our partner farm on Jeju Island, where the largest production of teas is green tea. This is why throughout our website you will notice we use the term “green tea” and “tea” interchangeably, often referring to the tea plants as “green tea plants” or “green tea trees.”