Morning Tea

What's your morning routine?

It's time to take advantage of the bright and sunny mornings of the summer season. Early morning sunlight is essential for awakening our minds to start the day, and in helping to set our circadian clocks for better, more restful sleep at night.

There are many fantastic morning routines out there these days, from cycling and ice cold showers to breathing exercises and meditation. Drinking tea while looking outside may seem too simple or leisurely a thing to make time for, but it can be very helpful.

Taking just 10-20 minutes to have some green tea while focusing your eyes on the morning sun-lit outdoors is a great way to focus your mind, let your eyes soak in some beneficial natural light, and have awakening antioxidants to start your day.

1.  Brew some green tea. For this, we like Early Spring, but any good quality green tea works.

2.  Put away all your devices. If you can't afford to miss calls, just leave your phone at a distance where you can still hear it ring. The point is to consciously take this time away from your computer, phone or any other electronics as well as social media.

3.  Find a comfortable seat by an open window or outside where your eyes are exposed to the natural morning sunlight (please don't look directly into the sun). Sunlight through a window is far less beneficial.

4.  Observe your natural surroundings while sipping on your green tea. Don't worry about "enjoying" anything or "clearing your mind." Just focus on whatever nature is in your view. Listen. Smell the air. Smell your tea. Sip.

Have a nice day!

Written by Wild Orchard Info