Weed, weed...Goose!

While our green tea trees grow wild among weeds, insects and various abundant wildlife, making them stronger and more robust, how did we manage to naturally ensure their growth during their birth and early years when they were yet delicate and in danger of being smothered by weeds?  That’s right: Geese!  

The farm’s organic geese had always enjoyed eating the various sprouting weeds throughout the property.  One day, when they happened to wander into the green tea field, the farmers noticed that while they continued grazing for weeds, they showed no interest in the young green tea plants.  They realized this was the perfect solution to getting rid of the weeds in the most natural way without any human interference, and certainly without chemical repellents.

Thus, the farm’s geese helped maintain our green tea fields for those first few years, even helping to fertilize the soil with their poop in the process of their duties, until the trees were big and strong enough to thrive alongside their natural weedy neighbors.

Written by Wild Orchard Info