Lavender Green - Loose Leaf

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A dreamy blend of green tea with just a hint of lavender from 123 Farm's famous lavender fields.

Ingredients: Organic green tea*, organic lavender buds.
*Regenerative Organic Certified ®

Please give the pouch a gentle shake before each use, as the lavender buds may have naturally settled.

Now in fully recyclable pouches!  

Did you know many pouches that carry the recycle symbol are actually not recyclable? In our continued effort for improvement, we have updated our new loose-leaf tea pouches to be fully recyclable at your local store drop-off.



1.5 L water + 3 heaping Tablespoons tea leaves + Refrigerate overnight (12-14 hours).
Strain the entire bottle, sweeten, enjoy!

Leaves can be hot or cold brewed 2-3 times.

About Our Blended Teas

Bouquets of organic fruits, herbs and flowers are blended with our Regenerative Organic Certified green tea leaves to create a range of exquisite flavors.