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Choose from 3 different sets in Wild Orchard gift boxes. Add a personalized message on the Your Cart page.

Tea Bag Sampler + 
Glass Cup Ayr Matcha Black + Mug
  • Ayr Matcha Black, our signature tea often referred to as "black matcha" by its growing fanbase. Loved for its deep, unique flavor.
  • Hasami Porcelain Mug, made in Japan. Holds a generous 15 ounces and has a wide handle for a secure, comfortable grip.

Sunday Brunch + Late Spring + Teapot

  • Sunday Brunch loose leaf botanical blend. Green tea with delicate flower petals and a hint of peach.
  • Late Spring loose leaf green tea. A delicious, satisfying green tea that pairs well with anything.
  • Kinto Small Easy Teapot with a self-straining lid. This is a Wild Orchard house favorite and go-to teapot.