Cinnamon Green Tea Latte

Autumn is here!

It's time to snuggle up in sweaters, pick some pumpkins, and best of all, warm ourselves in those sweet comforting spices of the season. Here is a simple, yummy latte recipe that will have you basking in a cloud of coziness while helping to keep those unwanted sniffles away with green tea's cold & flu fighting goodness.


A medium-sized mixing bowl or matcha bowl

A bamboo matcha whisk or handheld latte frother

A 64oz mason jar or pitcher to combine everything in

30g Matcha Green if using whole milk

15g Matcha Green if using non-dairy milk 

4 tsp Ground cinnamon

1/4 tsp Ground nutmeg

1/4 cup Water

250 to 300g Maple syrup (start with 250g and add more if you wish)

1 carton (1.9L) Whole milk or non-dairy milk (for non-dairy milk, we recommend a creamy brand, like So Delicious Organic Oat Milk)


    1. In the mixing bowl, whisk together Matcha Green, cinnamon, nutmeg and water until smooth. (Make sure you get all the lumps out at this stage, otherwise you will end up with a latte full of little clumps of powder at the end.) 

    2. Pour the mixture into the jar or pitcher. Add the maple syrup and entire carton of milk, and stir or cover & shake (which ever you prefer). 

    3. Enjoy hot or over ice.

    Written by Wild Orchard Info